Funsho Adeoti Speaks Out After Ignoring Husband Kazim at US Party


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Funsho Adeoti has finally broken her silence after causing a stir by snubbing her husband, renowned entrepreneur Kazim Adeoti, at a recent party in the United States.


The couple made their first public appearance together since Kazim’s marriage to Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, a union that Funsho has openly opposed.

The event drew significant attention, particularly when footage emerged showing Kazim and his friends lavishly showering Funsho with dollar bills as a band played. Despite the grand gestures, Funsho noticeably ignored Kazim, though she warmly acknowledged others at the event.

In the aftermath of the party, Mercy Aigbe took to social media to express her admiration for her husband. She shared photos of Kazim with his friends and conveyed her regret at missing the event, further fueling public interest in the couple’s dynamic.


Addressing the situation, Funsho Adeoti recently posted an inspirational message on her Instagram story. The video she shared emphasized the importance of maintaining one’s peace and reacting thoughtfully to life’s challenges. The message read: “It’s not what happens to you, it’s always how you react to it! Protect your peace.”

This statement appears to reflect Funsho’s stance on the ongoing situation with Kazim and Mercy Aigbe, suggesting that she is focused on maintaining her inner tranquility amid the public scrutiny.



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