G4S Security Salary In Ghana


The average salary received by a G4S Security employee in Ghana is GH₵ 412 base pay per month which approximates to a yearly base salary of GH₵ 4,944.

This salary often comes with national health insurance package and other bonuses which their security officers find dependable.

G4S security officers also get leave and holidays on a rotational basis depending who is available and due for leave on special days on the calendar.


G4S security officers get paid on time unlike most of their competing companies in the security business.

G4S security take their recruits through professional but careful training programmes in order to man them well for their jobs. They are not only found in Ghana but can be located worldwide. It is the leading security group globally.

In Ghana, the work of G4S security solves the vacuum created by the lack of adequate police officers in the country and it also helps solve issues of unemployment that have been cancerous in the nation.