Ghanaian Music Sensation Stonebwoy Unveils Nigerian Roots: “I’m Nigerian from Oyo Kingdom”


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In a revelation that has stirred intrigue and excitement, Ghanaian music sensation Livingstone Etse Satekla, widely known as Stonebwoy, has proudly declared his Nigerian heritage. The award-winning artist, hailing from the Ewe tribe in Ghana, disclosed that his ancestors trace their roots back to the ancient Oyo Kingdom in Nigeria.


In an engaging conversation with popular influencer Ola of Lagos, Stonebwoy shared insights into his familial background, shedding light on the historical connection between his tribe and the Oyo Kingdom. Speaking in Pidgin, the dancehall star expressed, “Me sef nah Naija, no lies. Me nah Ewe from Oyo Kingdom, my tribe migrated from Nigeria to Ghana here, na we get Illesha. Shout-out to my people in the southern part of Nigeria. Check Ewe, we root straight to Yoruba.”


Stonebwoy’s revelation underscores the rich tapestry of historical and cultural connections that bind West African communities. The Ewe tribe’s migration from Nigeria to Ghana, with ties to the ancient Oyo Kingdom, adds a fascinating layer to the artist’s identity and heritage.

The acclaimed singer, known for hits such as “Blessing” and “Nominate,” has not only carved a niche for himself in the music industry but has also become a cultural ambassador, bridging the gap between nations through the universal language of music.

As fans on both sides of the border celebrate this revelation, Stonebwoy’s acknowledgment of his Nigerian roots serves as a testament to the shared history and interconnectedness of West African nations. The artist’s revelation is likely to deepen the appreciation of his music and persona among a broader audience, fostering a sense of unity and cultural pride across borders.


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