Gideon Okeke Criticizes Victor Osimhen for Outburst Over Finidi George’s Comment


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Nollywood star Gideon Okeke has voiced disapproval over Victor Osimhen’s recent controversy with former Nigerian footballer Finidi George.


This dispute arose when George suggested Osimhen feigned an injury to skip crucial World Cup qualifiers, prompting a sharp denial from the Napoli forward.

Okeke, a staunch supporter of the Super Eagles, criticized Osimhen’s response as inappropriate.

He expressed discomfort witnessing the footballer’s outburst, highlighting the cyclical nature of life and suggesting Osimhen should choose his words carefully.

In his critique, Okeke acknowledged his allegiance to the Nigerian national team but suggested Osimhen’s reaction missed the mark.


Victor Osimhen
Victor Osimhen
Image Source: Getty Images

Despite the disagreement, he conveyed support for Osimhen, urging him to maintain positivity in his public statements.

The incident underscores tensions within Nigerian football circles, as athletes and former players clash over public perceptions and allegations.

Okeke’s comments reflect broader concerns about sportsmanship and public conduct among prominent figures in Nigerian sports.

These debates serve as a reminder of the scrutiny faced by athletes in the public eye, both for their performance on the field and their responses off it.


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