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Glenn Hackney Obituary, Wife, Children, Cause Of Death

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Former Alaska legislator Glenn Hackney died on Friday, May 20, 2022 at the age of 97.

Earlier, Hackney had been involved in a car accident that left him with numerous injuries.

Hackney’s family rushed to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted  to be with him.

Art Hackney, Glenn’s anchorage son who is a well-known political consultant, was at his side when he passed on Friday morning.

Hackney was very much loved in Fairbanks, where he was known as a volunteer for the food bank.


image via: mustreadalaska.com

Hackney worked as a city purchasing agent in Fairbanks, was a special assistant to Gov. Keith Miller, a sales manager for television advertising, and was a longtime plant manager for Concrete Products of Alaska.

Hackney served as a legislator for eight years and volunteered countless hours over the decades, serving as founding member of community organizations and on numerous boards.

Hackney was in demand at Republican conventions and meetings, where he was frequently asked to recite the Gettysburg Address, first delivered by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

Glenn was married to Esther Louise but she died on July 18, 2012.

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