GNAT Foundation Launched to Support Teachers with Cancer Treatment Funding


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Ghana has faced a significant rise in cancer cases, with over 27,000 new diagnoses in the past two years alone.


Sadly, inadequate funding for treatment and late detection have resulted in the loss of more than 17,000 lives during this period.

In response to this crisis, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Council has launched the GNAT Cancer Foundation. This initiative aims to provide crucial support to teachers battling cancer.

The Global Cancer Observatory reports that Ghana has seen a total of 63,764 cases over the past five years, underscoring the urgent need for intervention.

The foundation’s primary objectives are to raise awareness about cancer and secure financial aid for teachers grappling with the disease.

Deputy General Secretary of GNAT, Amadu Moses Baman, emphasized the foundation’s broader scope, covering not only teachers but also their families, including spouses and children under 18 years old.


GNAT foundation

Chairman of the GNAT Cancer Foundation, Thomas Armstrong Asante, highlighted the financial requirements, estimating GH¢17.2 million annually to fund treatment for affected members.

He urged Ghanaians to contribute GH¢5 towards this cause, emphasizing the importance of supporting those who have contributed to education.

While GNAT has already secured support through the acquisition of the Sweden Ghana Medical Center (SGMC) for its members, Dr. Clement Edusa, CEO of SGMC, stressed the need for lifestyle changes to mitigate cancer risks.

He cautioned against consuming polluted water and chemically processed foods, advocating for healthier behaviors to combat the disease.

The establishment of the GNAT Cancer Foundation signifies a crucial step towards improving healthcare access and outcomes for Ghanaian teachers and their families grappling with cancer.


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