Gogo Maweni And SK Child: Does Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza have a child together?


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Gogo Maweni is a South African doctor, consultant and social media influencer.


Gogo Maweni claims she has witchcraft abilities and she is believed to have bewitched her one of her baby daddies SK Khoza after he refused to pay child maintenance.

Gogo Maweni’s baby daddies, which include a former actor on the show, The Queen called SK Khoza, raised allegations after a video of him losing his mind surfaced on Twitter.


Does Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza have a child together?

S.K Khoza

Does Gogo Maweni have a child with actor SK Khoza?

Gogo Maweni and Khoza share a son together.

Gogo Maweni previously made headlines after taking the actor to court for child maintenance.

Gogo Maweni was also accused of bewitching SK but she has denied allegations of being involved in his predicaments.

However, Gogo Maweni, through her publicist Simphiwe Majola, confirmed that she was not responsible for whatever happened to SK Khoza.


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