Google Doodle Celebrates Amanda Aldridge: Who Was Amanda Aldridge?

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Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge was a British opera singer and music teacher who wrote love songs, suites, sambas, and light orchestral works. She was a trailblazer in the world of music

On this day in 1911, Amanda Aldridge gave a piano recital at Queens Small Hall, the original home of the BBC Symphony and London Philharmonic Orchestras, London’s pre-war principal concert venue.

Aldridge studied vocal performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music in London, where she was mentored by famed Swedish singer Jenny Lind, but her career was cut short owing to a throat injury.


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After a throat injury caused by laryngitis, she focused on instruction and composition, writing over thirty songs under the alias Montague Ring that are regarded as significant contributions to parlour music.

One of her piano pieces, “Three African Dances,” was influenced by West African drumming and became her most recognised piece. She trained human rights leader Paul Robeson and Marian Anderson, one of America’s first great opera singers, in addition to her compositions.

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