Gregory Charles Rivers children: Does Gregory Charles Rivers have kids?


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Gregory Charles Rivers did not have biological children. Despite being married to jewelry designer Bonnie Cheung for over 20 years, the couple chose not to have kids.


However, they showered their love on numerous rescued dogs, adopting over 10 throughout their lives. Sadly, both Bonnie and Gregory have passed away.

Rivers’ journey was as diverse as it was remarkable. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, his initial pursuit of medicine led him to Hong Kong, where he found his passion for Cantopop and acting.

Despite being typecast as the “Gweilo” stereotype, Rivers actively sought diverse roles, challenging industry norms and advocating for change.


Gregory Charles Rivers
Photo via The Standard (HK)

Beyond his career, Rivers was a passionate advocate for animal welfare, tirelessly championing rescue adoption initiatives.

His legacy, however, extends far beyond the screen. Remembered affectionately as “Ho Kwok-wing,” Rivers’ impact on the Hong Kong entertainment scene and his dedication to his furry companions will forever be cherished.

Though Gregory Charles Rivers and Bonnie Cheung may have passed on, their love, compassion, and contributions will continue to inspire generations to come.


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