Gregory Charles Rivers wife: Meet Bonnie Cheung Woon-ching


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Gregory Charles Rivers, the Australian-Hong Kong actor who passed away in February 2024, was unfortunately predeceased by his wife, Bonnie Cheung Woon-ching.


Sadly, she passed away just a few months before him, and it’s believed her demise deeply affected him.

Gregory Charles Rivers left a great mark on the entertainment industries of both Hong Kong and Australia. Initially trained in medicine, Rivers followed his passion for Cantonese music to Hong Kong, where he seamlessly integrated into the local scene.

His friendship with icons like Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung opened doors to acting opportunities in TV dramas and films, where his fluency in Cantonese and English proved invaluable.


Gregory Charles Rivers
Photo via The Standard (HK)

Rivers graced Hong Kong screens in beloved TVB dramas like “Looking Back in Anger” and “The Twin Swords,” and shared the silver screen with Jackie Chan in iconic films like “Police Story 3: Super Cop.” His charisma and adaptability made him a household name in Hong Kong.

Not content with just acting, Rivers ventured into music, releasing albums and composing theme songs for TV shows. He also ventured into hosting television programs, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the Hong Kong arts scene.

Gregory Charles Rivers exemplified cultural exchange and adaptability, leaving behind a legacy cherished by fans worldwide.


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