Groovy Mono’s Phyna Wins BBNaija Season 7 (Video)


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BBNaija level two housemate, Phyna, has finally been crowned the winner of BBNaija season 7. This ended episode of the reality TV show was exciting considering the lineup, strategies, and twists involved.


Phyna BBN

Groovy Mono‘s girlfriend, Phyna, had a huge fanbase out there, considering her personality and style in playing her games. She won the heart of many with her strategy despite being controversial.


Phyna BBN

Unlike the other season, where a man took the ultimate price of BBNaija season 6, this time around, a woman has bagged the first position to become the show’s winner. It’s not surprising to see Phyna in this position as she was already ruled out from the beginning as a potential winner.

Phyna BBNaija

This group has come a long way with a lot of controversies, gossip, and twists. Phyna for instance gave us different content due to the love triangle she found herself in. That has actually helped her to get a large fanbase which made her win with a huge margin.

Watch the video below:


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