Hang Mioku


Hang Mioku is a former Korean model who became very obsessed with plastic surgery to the extent that she injected cooking oil into her own face.

To a lot of people, Hang Mioku was a very pretty lady. However, Hang Mioku’s obsession with plastic surgery will make her embark on a journey of operations which left her with a permanently swollen, disfigured face and filled her with deep regrets.

Hang Mioku was born on South Korea on 8 July 1963.

Hang Mioku before and after plastic surgery

Hang Mioku before the plastic surgeries Image: Viralnova

Hang Mioku had her first plastic surgery at the age of 28.

Hang Mioku after her first plastic surgery Image: Viralnova

That first surgery was the beginning of Hang Mioku’s delve into the surgery world which saw her move to Japan for many more operations, eventually resulting in an enlarged and disfigured face.


What happened to Hang Mioku?

After Hang Mioku returned to her parents with her new face, she began treatment for a mental disorder. However, Hang Mioku stopped going for the treatment and rather decided to find a new doctor who was willing to give her silicon injections. The doctor even gave Hang Mioku her own syringe and silicon so she could inject herself.

Hang Mioku’s swollen and disfigured face Image: Viralnova

After her supply of silicon run out, Hang Mioku resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face which resulted in the horrific look above.

Where is Hang Mioku now?

Hang Mioku’s story spread like wildfire leading to some benevolent people sending her donations to enable her to fix her enlarged and disfigured face.

Hang Mioku Image: The Telegraph

The doctors only succeeded in reducing the size of her face as it was already damaged beyond repair. In fact, it took 10 operations to get Hang Mioku’s face to look better.

Hang Mioku has been filled with regrets and she wishes she could have her old face back!

Is Hang Mioku still alive?

As a result of the surgeries, Hang Mioku had to say goodbye to her modelling career. Hang Mioku is very much alive and is currently working at a shop in South Korea.

Source: abtc.ng