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Harlan Umbrella Academy: How does Harlan have powers Umbrella Academy?

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Harlan is the son of Sissy, in The Umbrella Academy. He made an appearance in Season 2 when Viktor went to live with them. Harlan was very quiet and somewhat strange to his mother but he had powers buried deep down in him. He was able to retain telekinetic abilities and spin a toy around in his hand.

Harlan and Viktor Hargreeves Umbrella Academy | Credit: Fandom

However, Viktor tried to remove some of his powers in him.


Who plays Harlan in The Umbrella Academy?

The character Harlan is played by child actor Justin Paul Kelly and Callum Keith Rennie as an adult.

Viktor Hargreeves powers

What can Viktor Hargreeves do? What powers does Viktor Hargreeves have in The Umbrella Academy? Viktor Hargreeves who is originally the Number Seven child of The Umbrella Academy has the power that can be channeled through music. They have the ability to convert sound into energy and move objects by manipulating the sound waves around them.

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