Has Twitter Banned Nicki Minaj? Twitter Reacts To Claims

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Nicki Minaj claims she was restricted on Twitter and can’t tweet following her comments about the COVID-19 vaccine but the social media app has denied the charge.

Minaj caused controversy on Monday when she told her 22.6 million followers on Twitter that she would not attend the Met Gala as one of the conditions was to be vaccinated. The rap superstar revealed she recently got COVID but will not yet take the vaccine.



But a report from Twitter has denied Minaj’s claim saying that they did not take any enforcement action on the account.

The report followed that Minaj’s initial tweets about coronavirus vaccine side-effects earlier this week did not violate the site’s rules governing Covid-related claims.

Minaj drew criticisms to herself after announcing she wouldn’t attend this year’s Met Gala because attendees were required to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

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