Hawaii teacher arrested

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Alden Bunag, a Hawaii public school teacher, has been charged with child pornography distribution.

Alden Bunag was apprehended by FBI agents on Wednesday, June 15 at an Oahu high school where he taught summer school. Authorities claim he transmitted child pornography over his phone’s Telegram app.

Former students said Bunag treated them more like friends than teachers. “It’s simply horrible,” said Seth Daugherty, a former student of Bunag’s. “I did see the students who [he] had caressed the backs of and been far too nice with, and that was just off-putting, so I avoided him,” Daugherty continued.


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Bunag had over 3,400 conversations with a Philadelphia private school teacher who was detained last October, according to court filings.

Bunag said in the discussions that he had sex with a victim during his lunch break. Bunag, according to investigators, sent a video of himself having sex with a 13-year-old boy.

The FBI said Bunag not only ran a photography business but worked at multiple schools and taught dance classes.


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