HINAPIA’s Yaebin Apologises Over Racist Lyrics; Nayeon Clarifies Chaeyoung’s “TWICE F**k” Tee

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K-pop idols Yaebin (예빈) from rookie group HINAPIA and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (채영) found themselves in hot water recently for their alleged insensitive behaviour.

During a live broadcast, the ex-Pristin member (formerly known as Rena) was singing Nicki Minaj’s 2011 hit “Superbass”; the smash hit has the n-word in the lyrics.

In the clip, Yaebin explained that she was aware that a lot of people are sensitive with the word. She further added that she tried her best to censor the word and tried not to pronounce it. But still, some people did not buy her explanation.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their frustration and disappointment towards the “Drip” singer. In response to the backlash, Yaebin took to her Instagram Story to publicly apologise to those who were offended.

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As for TWICE member Chaeyoung’s case, netizens speculated that the rapper was wearing a T-shirt that had a swear word printed on it. As pointed out by them, the top reads, “TWICE f**k” in Hangul. Not long after that, fellow teammate Nayeon came forth to clear the air regarding everyone’s confusion.

The 25-year-old clarified, “The T-shirt (Chaeyoung was wearing) was actually (designed) for our team; the ‘TWICE Trio Headquarter’. It is for our group’s managers, official staff and also marketing teams. On the back of the tee, everyone is listed according to how long we’ve been part of the group. For example, Jihyo is number 1 and I’m at number 3.”

Source: AllKpop

It was further revealed that the “Feel Special” rapper’s T-shirt had been folded in such a way that it hid a letter, which in turn caused misunderstanding among K-fans, especially ONCEs (as fans are lovingly called).

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