Banky W shares touching story; recounts what made him fall in love with 2Face

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Nigerian top singer and music executive, Olabankunle Wellington popularly known as Banky W, has penned an epistle on social media, recounting how he met legend, Tuface Idibia, and what he did, that made him fall in love with him.

Banky W revealed that, Tubaba was the headline artiste for an invite in the States, and he was the upcoming artist on the bill. He was not famous at the time.

He said, he and another artist who had lived out his days, were on the bill to perform. So as expected, the headline artist was given a preferential treatment over the other artists, including him. But when 2Face realized how they were treating him better than them, he did not use his celebrity status to look down on them, but he humbled himself, and asked them to join him, and that humility 2Face showed, was what captured his heart.

He shared the story saying;

Let me tell you a little story. Many years ago, this is before I ‘blew up’ before I became successful, before my first record dropped, I was still a struggling artiste coming up and there was this show in the united states. At the show, there was a headline artiste who was at the height of his fame, an old school artiste who had kind of passed his moment of fame and an upcoming artiste who was just starting out.

The headline artiste was obviously closing the show. The upcoming artiste was the one to open the show and he had about ten minutes on stage. The old school artiste had a few more minutes than the upcoming guy. Obviously, there was a difference between where this headline artiste was in his career and these other two guys. The show went on and it was an amazing show. Most people in the crowd came to see the headline artiste.


At the after-party, there was a VIP section. In the VIP section, a lot of the handlers, organizers, promoters, had made this separation and distinction in such a way that the headline artiste stayed somewhere massive, while the upcoming artiste and the old school guy were asked to stand on the edge somewhere.

When the headline artiste saw what was happening; when he saw the difference in treatment, he said ‘no’. He invited them all to join him and sit next to him. The headline artiste humbled himself and told them to exalt the other guys because they are all artistes. We are all the same and we all deserve the same treatment.”

He went on to reveal the artistes he was talking about.

“Guest what? The headline artiste was Tuface. The upcoming artiste was me and the old  school artiste was Majek Fashek. That was the first time I met him. From that moment on, he embraced me and Majek Fashek and we became cool. He is still my friend till today.

If you ask anybody about anything when it comes to Tuface; they will tell you that he is humble. Ask anybody that knows him or has met him, they say he ‘carries’ humility. Now, is it any surprise that over the course of a career that has lasted for decades he is still being honoured? He is still relevant and successful. It is not because he does not have flaws or he has not made mistakes. It is not because he has not messed up but it is because he carries humility in his heart.,”

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