How much money does John Madden make from the video game?

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Born on  April 10, 1936, John Earl Madden is an American former football coach and sportscaster. John Madden began his professional football coaching career in 1967 as the Oakland Raiders’ linebackers coach. After two seasons, he was elevated to head coach.

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How Much Money Does John Madden Make From the Video Game?

John Madden makes about $14 million a year from his video game franchise. Even with that enormous wage, Madden’s years of coaching and commentary have been overshadowed by his involvement in video games.


In fact, the majority of John Madden’s personal wealth comes from the video game brand named after him. Since 1988, Electronic Arts has been releasing NFL games with his name and image under the brand. The franchise continues to be a lucrative moneymaker year after year, having sold more than 90 million copies.

Madden has had numerous other brand endorsement arrangements over the years. He was earning $2 million per year through his partnership with Tenactin at its height. It is clear that Madden’s net worth will only keep increasing as he makes more and more from video game endorsements.

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