Singer Jackie Chandiru. (Photo/Courtesy)

Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru has opened up on trying to commit suicide, four times. Speaking to Felix Oduor on Jalang’ o TV, the ‘Golddigger’ hitmaker said she was tired of all the negative stories about her on the internet. During the interview, Jackie disclosed that the suicide attempts occurred while in rehab, receiving treatment for drug addiction. She said the rumours about her on the internet made her believe she was better off dead, but she turned to God for help.

“I was in rehab, and then somebody will say I have seen something on YouTube like ‘RIP Jackie Chandiru we shall miss you.’ The internet killed me four times, and I also tried to commit suicide four times. Most of the time, I was killed on the internet. I was still in rehab. I was tired, Jalas. I was tired of the rumours, tired of the stories. I’m sure you have seen pictures of me, I didn’t care about life, what I looked like anymore and I didn’t want to exist anymore. I believed I was much better off dead. And even before all these attempts, I prayed to God, I would say, ‘I know suicide is not allowed but I just can’t be here anymore’. I was sinking more and more into depression,” said Jackie.

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The singer who rose to fame while in the Blu 3 trio recalled going to a pharmacist seeking medication that could kill her saying: “I went to the pharmacy and told the attendant to help a friend of mine who wanted to die. I asked how much money she should need to provide the required medicine to commit suicide. But she refused. So I went and combined a cocktail of drugs and I knew I was good to go. I woke up with the worst headache in the world. I wondered where it could be that I was; hell or heaven? But I was not seeing the fire, so I must be in heaven. Still, I was not seeing happy people… I started vomiting seriously,” Jackie revealed.

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Jackie Chandiru before and after addiction. (Photo/Courtesy)

Last year, photos of a sickly-looking Chandiru surfaced on the internet forcing people to speculate about the state of her health. She clarified that she was hooked to a drug called Pethidine, not cocaine or heroin, as people had thought earlier.

“I was told it’s very addictive, but it’s a pain killer, but because I had an injury I wasn’t too sure, I was supposed to go for surgery and It was a 50/50 chance that it would be successful. So that was when I started with that drug, it became like a short cut for me, the pain was so much. I had a bad attack that hurt my back. So I was on Pethidine most of the time, I was always taking the drug. I used to inject myself and as the addiction grew, I’d inject myself over 20 times a day,” said the singer.

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