“I Did Not Run Out Of Clothes” – DJ Cuppy Explains Why She Stopped #OffendingWithFendi

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DJ Cuppy has taken to social media to explain why she has stopped making her weekly #offendingwithFendi posts.

The billionaire daughter was flooding timelines every week, with photos of her rocking Fendi fashionable items from outfits to bags and shoes, even down to caps, sunglasses, and scarfs with the hashtag, #offendingwithfendi.

She has, however, stopped making these Fendi posts for a while now which got people believing that, it is because she has probably run out of Fendi clothes.

Responding to the claims, Cuppy has explained that, the reason she has stopped #offendingwithfendi is not that she has run out of clothes but rather because she is disappointed with the brand.


She revealed that her team had reached out to Fendi to collaborate with her but they refused and didn’t even acknowledge her as one of their big customers despite her being a huge fan of the brand.

Cuppy shared this via a tweet yesterday, sharing a photo grid of her rocking different Fendi looks.

Find the tweet below…


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