“I Dont Want To Be With A Man That No Woman Wants” – Actress, Princess Shyngle

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Actress, Princess Shyngle has stated that she wants to be with a man who is also wanted by other women.

She said she will not be happy if she gets to know that, no woman wants her man.

Princess Shyngle

According to her, it is sexy when other women want your man but he, however, has eyes for only you.

Shyngle was reacting to a random tweet from a lady, who had shared that, she went through her man’s phone and found out that nobody wants him, just her.

The actress shared that, if she was the one who found out that nobody wants her man, she would be mad.


Many have reacted to Princess Shyngle’s reaction, believing she doesn’t know what she wants.

A social media user had responded to her reaction, wondering how a grown-up woman would think this way, and added, it is surprising that the same actress had complained about being abused and wondered if it is as a result of the kind of man she wants.

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