I wanted to quit working with Shatta Wale after the first 6 months of working with him – Bullgod


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Shatta Wale’s former manager Bullgod has disclosed that he wanted to leave the Dancehall musician after only six months of working with him.


According to Bullgod, he had those views since he was having difficulty understanding the Dancehall performer at the time.

When asked if working with Shatta Wale was challenging, the man in charge of Bullhaus Entertainment told Ato Kwamina D’Gem, host of the Entertainment Review Show on Takoradi-based Connect FM:

Shatta Wale and Bullgod

“I will say yes and no. Yes and no because when it comes to the job itself, you wouldn’t have to worry that much. And what’s the job? The job is to go to the studio and record, go out there and promote your works, get up and go shoot your videos.


“Those things you wouldn’t have a problem but it’s the extra things. I mean I have worked with other acts where you had to coerce them to go to the studio for recordings and other stuffs. That’s for me is hectic because we’re here for the job.”

Bullgod claims that he dumped Shatta Wale after six months of working with him because of Shatta’s controversial statements made on various media platforms.

“I didn’t understand him then. He says something here, one radio station will call and I’ll try cleaning up what he said, and then the next you hear is another media house calling you because he’s said another thing elsewhere. So by the time you’re done, you didn’t do any job, so it was difficult, ” Bullgod said. 

He went on to say that the reason he stayed was because they had yet to start hitting their targets.



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