Interview: CLC Delve Into Their “Helicopter” Concept, MV & More


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CLC (씨엘씨) is currently slaying the K-pop scene with their latest jam, “Helicopter”. The empowering song is a true bop and is definitely recommended for all K-pop fans out there to add in their playlist!


If you’ve been a Cheshire (as fans are lovingly called) from the very beginning, the seven-member girl group is well-known for their talented skills in approaching different concepts in their comebacks.l

Source: Cube Entertainment

For the uninitiated, the group has tried various genres, including cutesy bubble gum pop tunes (as heard in their earlier songs like “Pepe”, “High Heels”) to stronger and edgier numbers like “Black Dress”, “No” and “Me”. Now that’s another reason to stan these ladies. ?

Thanks to CLC’s home label, Cube Entertainment, we managed to score an interview session with the members. They responded to our questions regarding their comeback single as well as their personal favourite part of the MV.

Source: @cube_clc_official

Check out our quick chat with CLC here:

1. What do y’all personally like about the message from “Helicopter”?

Seunghee: My favourite part is the message contained in this song that we keep the curiosity going with the goal of overcoming the setbacks without being discouraged by the uncertain and unstable future.

Yujin: Lyrically, the song talks about going up high like a helicopter. I like how the message is about although the situation may be tough now, we can stay strong as we listen to this song!


2. Could you delve into the concept images for this comeback? What was the thought process behind it?

Sorn: For the concept images this time, we used lasers and beams as props to give a futuristic vibe, since the theme of our song is about the future. Our main theme for wardrobe also has a military/pilot style to match the lyrics of our song.

Seungyeon: We really tried to tell the story of us in the present. We want to keep pushing and continue the adventure against the undetermined futures and give positive energy to everyone.

3. What was your favourite part about filming the music video?

Elkie: I really liked the individual sets and scenes that made each of the members shine! The outfits looked great on everyone too.

Eunbin: My favourite part in the clip would be the group dance scene. The final group dance scene in particular turned out so well.

4. Yeeun, you received tons of love from fans following your appearance in Mnet show “Good Girl”. Share with us your experience on the show and what have you learned the most.

Yeeun: Although I really enjoy being on the stage, I’ve been also encountering stage frights. But being on the show helped me overcome the fear I had, and also made me learn what and how I should prepare in order to put together a performance I can be pleased with myself. But above anything, I was happy to have met so many great people!

Interestingly, during their online showcase, CLC also dished their thoughts on BTS placing at the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. More on that here.

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