Interview: LANY’s Frontman Paul Klein On New Album “Mama’s Boy” & More

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LANY has unveiled 4 of their singles that will be featured in their new album, “Mama’s Boy”, on streaming platforms; giving fans a sneak-peek of what’s to come.

The long awaited album by the indie-pop band is expected to release in 1 week (2nd October), and it touches on the perspective of being emotionally aware while making peace with one’s feelings.

Source: Instagram / Genius

We got the chance to interview LANY’s frontman Paul Klein on the upcoming “Mama’s Boy” and one of it’s substantial single “You!”.

Check out the interview here:

1. What’s the direction for this album (compared to “Malibu Nights”)?

It’s so much broader and bigger. There are 14 tracks that are about 14 different things and I think that’s going to really help us reach more people.


2. What’s the story behind the name “Mama’s Boy”? Are you and the rest of the guys all mama’s boys?

We’re all mama’s boys. One thing is we haven’t really talked about where we’re from. People thought we’re from California but we’re from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas which is in the middle of the country and we kind of want to tap into that. (Plus) Mama’s boy is a very American phrase

Also, if you are a mama’s boy, you’re pretty in touch with your feelings and emotions, and you’re okay with that, and can articulate those things. I think that is super indicative of who we are and who we have been.

3. Which song was the hardest to write emotionally in “Mama’s Boy” ?

Probably, “I Still Talk To Jesus” or “If This Is the Last Time”. I started writing “I Still Talk To Jesus” in January 2019 and I didn’t wrap that song until September. I just know that it’s going to be an important song in my life and my career. 

Of course, “If This Is the Last Time” is such a difficult song to write when you’re thinking of saying goodbye to your parents or your loved ones. I think that song will really stand the test of time. Talking about goodbyes and the last words you say to the people you love will never go out of style.


Source: Youtube

4. How did the idea come for “You!”?

I was listening to ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay, I love this song, it is still famous 20 years later. It stood the test of the time like, why haven’t we tried to write our version of ‘Yellow’? I’m not exactly sure what ‘Yellow’ is about other than it’s a song about love.

So, we wrote ‘You!’ to write a song that felt universal which isn’t pigeonholed into physical attributes, it’s way broader. The song is about love and it can be about anything that you love.

5. Was the children choir in the latter half of “You!” planned or improvised?

It was actually an idea from our manager, which is really really cool. He understood the grandiose nature of where the song is headed and how epic it was. It’s a subtle thing that happens in the third chorus but you really feel the lift of energy and it’s a beautiful moment on the album.

Source: Coup De Main

6. What’s the significant behind you rocking that dress in the (“You!”) music video?

There wasn’t any particular statement I wanted to make but I was like ‘I wanna wear a dress!’. I talked to the guy who helps me style our music videos and we decided to go for more of the 1960s vintage dress and feel. I thought it looked cool, and it matched the energy of the vibe in the video. I didn’t realise it was going to be such a hot topic. (laughs)

Watch the music video here:

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