Is Destiny Etiko Married To Zubby Michael?

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Nollywood stars, Destiny Etiko and Zubby Michael have got their fans wondering if the two are tied in a romantic relationship. It all began when the two megastars began posting couply off-set photos of themselves on their irrespective social media handles.

These misleading photos that suggested the two were dating started rumors about the Nollywood actors tying the knot. However, Destiny Etiko in numerous television and radio interviews have cleared the air on the matter.

According to Destiny Etiko, she is not married nor in a romantic relationship with her colleague actor, Michael Zubby. However, Destiny Etiko maintains she has a very special and intimate relationship with Michael Zubby.

Michael Zubby on the other hand is yet to comment on the issue and to confirm whether or not he has a love interest for Destiny Etiko.

Check out these adorable photos of the duo;


Destiny Etiko


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