Is Kaycee and Rachel Filipino?


Kaycee and Rachel is a popular YouTube channel. The channel is run by Kaycee and Rachel. They are siblings and are based in the Philippines.

Photo Credit: Naibuzz

They are known for making videos like princess makeovers, DIY, challenges and vacation vlogs. Sometimes, other members of their family, like their parents or younger siblings, Travis and Arianna appear in their videos


Their interest in making YouTube videos began when Rachel was using her Granny’s iPad and saw other kid YouTubers. She then aspired to be like them. So she and her sister began by making reviews on toys.

They slowly started to become popular. Then they eventually started making videos on trending challenges and vlogs.

The sister duo joined the YouTube scene on June 23, 2018, and so far have about 150 videos on their channel. The channel is however inactive due to certain issues. However, her parents created a channel that features her whole family.