Is Lil Durk Cheating On Baby Mama India Royale?

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Lil Durk has once again been accused of cheating on his girlfriend, India Royale after cheating on her last year. The Chicago native propelled the rumors, which started on Thursday 21st October.

Chicago Native reported that Lil Durk is cheating on his lover with a transgender woman.

Shortly after the rumors, Lil Durk deleted his Instagram account. His girlfriend also archived her pictures with Durk on Instagram. This served to fuel the rumors. Many came out to slam the American rapper as a result.

Lil Durk, Photocredit: Lil Durk, Instagram

Parle Magazine, a blog posted a few snaps in order to make a connection between the rapper and a transgender woman. The site published that a trans woman who accused Durk of cheating with her, months ago had shared some image in a hallway.


However, the pictures were blurry and failed to show any evidence of cheating. Internet users however did not wait to take the hip-hop artist on the internet.

Indian Royale. Photocredit: Instagram

But amidst all the rumors, both India Royale and Durk made a huge comeback which shocked everyone.

India Royale posted a picture of her and Durk sharing a passionate kiss. Durk also shared the same post, taking a dig at his haters with the caption, “Y’all know damn well this s**t 4ever.”

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