Is NBA Youngboy Out Of Jail?

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American Rapper, Never Broke Again YoungBoy, simply known as NBA YoungBoy is set to be released from jail soon, according to TMZ reports.

NBA YoungBoy | Credit: Billboard

Is NBA Youngboy Out Of Jail?

NBA Young Boy might get out of jail soon while awaiting trial for his federal weapons case. According to his attorneys, Drew Findling and Andre Belanger, bail has been set for the rapper, however, he hasn’t been released yet.


Sources indicate that the judge has given the rapper two options; put up $1.5 million worth of property or $500K cash.

Why was NBA YounBoy arrested?

NBA YoungBoy was arrested on a federal warrant, as the FBI took him into custody while using K-9 after he allegedly attempted to evade a traffic stop. He was previously charged by the grand jury for possessing a firm arm as a felon and possessing a firearm not registered to him.

When was NBA YoungBoy arrested?

NBA YoungBoy was arrested in March 2021.

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