Is Tammy Peterson Still Alive?

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Tammy  Peterson is a former massage therapist and the wife of Jordan Peterson. Tammy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019 which she later survived. Tammy is alive and well.

Currently 53 years old, Tammy Peterson enjoys a simple life. She has little to no presence on social media

Tammy Peterson was also a foster parent for more than 20 years and raised many kids in and around Canada. Tammy would go to orphanages and adopt children to bring home to her family.


Image Via: Daniel Hambury/@stellapicsltd

Tammy has assisted in providing a fresh start in life for many of these children. Tammy is a firm believer that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a pleasant place to return to every night.

According to Tammy, she became a foster parent in an attempt to provide children with a home and a family. In one of her interviews, she said everyone should have a permanent home as it provides an opportunity to go back to a place even if they get into trouble by messing up their lives.

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