Is there any historical accuracy to Outlander?


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Outlander historical accurate is about This uprising against England based on Bonnie Prince Charlie’s (Andrew Gower) claim to the English throne was accurately depicted on Outlander, although the conflict’s background was a bit simplified in the show, for example, not all Scots supported the prince.


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Is there any historical accuracy to Outlander?

The Battle of Culloden was a pivotal point in the series, but also in history. The Jacobites were indeed led by Bonnie Prince Charlie into the infamous battle where many Scots’ lives were stolen that day.


The way it was portrayed in the show was very accurate, aside from the fictional characters who were participating in the war. It was a bloody fight that the Jacobites quickly lost. The clans were forever changed after this battle and things never went back to being how they were before the war. And much like the show, no one ever heard from Bonnie Prince again once he fled.

This is an interesting tidbit of information that not all Outlander fans are aware of. Jamie Fraser’s character was loosely based on a real-life Jacobite soldier who survived the Battle Of Culloden.

Author Diana Gabaldon said he was developed after reading the book, Prince in the Heather, which describes an account where “19 wounded Jacobites hid in a farmhouse after the battle.” They were all executed after two days under the command of the Red Coats, except for one man, of course. This man was “a Fraser of the Master of Lovat’s regiment, who survived the slaughter.”



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