“It’s Crazy How This Generation Has Normalised Prostitution” – Stephanie Coker Laments

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Actress and Media Personality, Stephanie Coker, has expressed concern about how today’s generation is indulging in prostitution, unapologetically.

Stephanie, took to her Instagram story today to lament how this generation seems to have normalized the act and find nothing wrong with it.

Stephanie Coker

She explained that she is not trying to act like she is more moral but “if we are being honest….”

It’s actually crazy how this generation have in a sense normalized prostitution“, she said. ” I’m not on a moral high horse or anything but if we are being honest..“, she added.


Stephanie Coker

Stephanie went on to wonder what happened to the “independent woman” who made their own money and got their own life going on that music group, Destiny’s Child, sang about in their generation and if they were a scam.

The lot who have reacted to Stephanie’s post seem to agree that indeed, many “unnormal” things have been normalized in today’s generation.

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