Ivan Sechin, Inga Sechina: Meet Russian Billionaire Igor Sechin’s Children

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Ivan Sechin, the son of Igor Sechin – was born in the first marriage of an oil worker in 1989.

There is little information about the man, since the head of Rosneft carefully hides his personal life and family from outsiders.

It is only known that Ivan Sechin graduated from the Higher School of Business at Moscow State University. Lomonosov. His place of work is First Deputy Director of the Department of Joint Offshore Projects in his father’s company.

At the age of 25, Igor Sechin’s son was awarded the medal “For Services to the Fatherland.” There are no details about Ivan Sechin’s personal life.


Photo Credit: CNBC

Inga Sechin, Igor Sechin’s daughter – was born in 1982. After school, the girl graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute.

In Inga’s first marriage with Dmitry Ustinov, a boy was born, the grandson of Igor Sechin. For the second time, Inga Sechina married Timerbulat Karimov, former vice president of VTB. Inga also has her own business, but what exactly and how much she earns, of course, is not disclosed.

Inga Sechina communicates well with both parents, and their divorce did not interfere with this.

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