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Jake Millar Cause Of Death: How Did Jake Millar Die?

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Jake Millar was a New Zealand entrepreneur and businessman who founded the companies Oompher and Unfiltered.

Jake Millar was born on 8th August 1995.

Jake Millar started his business career during his teenage years when he was attending Christchurch Boys’ High School, where he was the Head Boy in 2013. There, Jake Millar founded his first company, Oompher, a career advice platform, a company he later sold to the New Zealand Government, with the platform being taken up by Careers New Zealand.

Jake Millar’s Millar’s next venture was Unfiltered which he founded in 2015, a platform that provides inspirational interviews and advice from high-profile individuals. However, Unfiltered failed and Jake Millar sold it in early 2021 to Crimson Education for $120,000 in cash and shares.


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Jake Millar Cause Of Death

Following the sale of his business, pressure from investors and New Zealand media led jake Millar to leave the country for Kenya.

On the 29th November 2021, Jake Millar died by apparent suicide in Nairobi, Kenya aged just 26.


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