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Remembering James Couchman: A Political Legacy

James Couchman, a prominent figure in British politics and a dedicated member of the Conservative Party, passed away in November 2023 at the age of 81.


Political Career

James Couchman’s political career spanned from 1983 to 1997, during which he served as a Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Conservative Party.

Cause of Death

The details surrounding James Couchman’s cause of death have not been publicly disclosed.


As news of his passing emerged in November 2023, the focus shifted to honoring his contributions to politics rather than delving into the specifics of his passing.

Marital Status

The available information does not provide clarity on James Couchman’s marital status. Whether he was married or had a family is not explicitly mentioned in the sources.


Similarly, information about James Couchman’s children is not available in the public domain.

Given the limited details on his personal life, it is not possible to confirm or deny the existence of children. The focus on Couchman’s public service often overshadowed the private aspects of his life.


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