Jasmine Crockett Parents: Meet his Father and Mother


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Jasmine Felicia Crockett, a prominent American lawyer and politician, has emerged as a leading voice in Texas politics.


While much attention has been focused on her professional accomplishments, little is known about the individuals who played pivotal roles in shaping her character and values.

Though the names of Jasmine Crockett’s parents are not publicly disclosed, their impact on her upbringing and career path cannot be overstated.

Raised in a household that prioritized service to the community, Jasmine was instilled with a sense of duty and compassion from an early age.

Her father, a teacher and preacher, exemplified the importance of education and spiritual guidance, instilling within Jasmine a love for learning and a deep-rooted sense of morality.

His dedication to his profession and his community served as a source of inspiration for Jasmine as she navigated her own path in life.

Jasmine’s mother, a lifelong public servant who worked for the United States Postal Service, embodied the values of integrity and hard work.

Her tireless commitment to her job and her community left a lasting impression on Jasmine, shaping her understanding of the importance of public service and civic engagement.



Despite initially aspiring to pursue a career in medicine or accounting, Jasmine’s path took a significant turn after she became the victim of a hate crime while attending college.

Motivated by this experience to combat injustice and advocate for change, she decided to pursue a career in law.

Jasmine attended the University of Houston Law Center, where she obtained her Juris Doctor in 2006. Following law school, she remained in Texas and embarked on a career as a civil rights attorney, championing the rights of marginalized communities and fighting against systemic injustice.

During the George Floyd protests, Jasmine Crockett and her associates demonstrated their commitment to social justice by providing pro bono legal representation to Black Lives Matter activists.

Their dedication to serving the community reflects the values instilled in Jasmine by her parents and underscores her unwavering commitment to fighting for equality and justice for all.



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