Jason Carter (politician) parents: Meet Jack Carter & Juliet Langford


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In the intricate mosaic of American politics, familial ties often play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of a public figure’s career. Jason James Carter, an American lawyer and politician from the state of Georgia, stands as a testament to this notion. Let’s delve into the family narrative and introduce the individuals who set the stage for Jason Carter’s journey—his parents, Jack Carter and Juliet Langford.


Jack Carter and Juliet Langford: A Union of Legacy and Love

In 1971, Jack Carter entered into a union with Juliette “Judy” Langford, marking the beginning of a family legacy deeply rooted in Georgia’s history. The couple’s commitment to each other laid the foundation for a family that would contribute significantly to the state’s political landscape.

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Jack and Judy welcomed two children into their lives, creating a familial bond that would endure through the years. Their firstborn, Jason James Carter, entered the world on August 7, 1975, followed by their daughter, Sarah Rosemary, born on December 19, 1978. The Carter family, with its diverse personalities and shared commitment to public service, reflects a harmonious blend of legacy and love.

Jason James Carter: A Political Prodigy

As the son of Jack Carter and Judy Langford, Jason James Carter inherited a legacy of service and dedication to the people of Georgia. His political journey, marked by a term in the Georgia State Senate from 2010 to 2015 and a Democratic Party nomination for governor in the 2014 election, showcases the impact of familial influences on an individual’s path.


9th-Generation Georgian: A Heritage to Uphold

Jason Carter, proud of his roots, is a 9th-generation Georgian. This deep connection to the state underscores a commitment to preserving and enriching the cultural and political heritage of Georgia. The family’s long-standing ties to the region add a layer of historical significance to Jason’s political contributions.

A Grandparent’s Legacy: President Jimmy Carter

Delving further into Jason Carter’s family lineage, it’s impossible to ignore the presence of a towering figure—his grandfather, former President Jimmy Carter. A 9th-generation Georgian himself, President Carter’s legacy as the 39th President of the United States undoubtedly casts a long shadow over the Carter family’s political endeavors.

As we explore the family roots of Jason Carter, it becomes evident that his parents, Jack Carter and Juliet Langford, have played a crucial role in shaping the man and the politician he is today. Their commitment to each other and their shared dedication to service have created a familial foundation that continues to influence Georgia’s political landscape through Jason’s endeavors.

The Carter family narrative is not just a tale of political prominence but a story of love, commitment, and a deep connection to the state of Georgia. Jack Carter and Juliet Langford, as the parents of Jason James Carter, have contributed to a legacy that transcends political office, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural and political fabric of Georgia.


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