Jesse Ventura Parents: Meet George William Janos and Bernice Martha


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Jesse Ventura, the multifaceted American politician, actor, and retired professional wrestler, has a story deeply rooted in his family history.


Born James George Janos on July 15, 1951, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ventura’s journey is shaped by the influences of his parents, George William Janos and Bernice Martha (née Lenz).

George William Janos, Jesse Ventura’s father, and Bernice Martha, his mother, were both proud World War II veterans.

The rich tapestry of their experiences undoubtedly contributed to the values instilled in their son, who would go on to make a mark in the worlds of sports, entertainment, and politics.

Bernice Martha, Jesse Ventura’s mother, was not only a dedicated parent but also a nurse, embodying a spirit of service and compassion.



On the other hand, George William Janos worked for the Minneapolis Street Department, a testament to his dedication to his community.

Ventura’s familial ties extend beyond his immediate household. He has an older brother who served in the Vietnam War, adding a layer of military service to the family narrative.

Ventura himself became part of the United States Navy, serving from December 1, 1969, to September 10, 1975, during the Vietnam War. While he did not see combat, his graduation in BUD/S class 58 in December 1970 and involvement in Underwater Demolition Team 12 highlighted his commitment and skills.

Jesse Ventura’s familial background, with its blend of military service, healthcare, and community involvement, provides a nuanced understanding of the man behind the public persona.


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