Jewish Rabbis Arrested In New Jersey


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The Jewish Rabbis have been trending on Twitter with a heavy backlash after the news of the FBI arresting 17 Jewish Rabbis surfaced online.


The FBI started the operation for a while to gather enough pieces of evidence to arrest the official leaders and Mayors who were into fraudulent and corrupt activities that have also cost others’ life.

The two New Jersey Mayors, political and religious figures taken into police custody, were charged with bribery, a money laundering scheme, and human trafficking of organs and baby parts.

The operation carried out by the FBI is an action plan which was part of the 10years investigation operation on corruption in New Jersey. Some of these authorities taken into the custody of the FBI for thorough investigation includes Peter Cammarano III, Secaucus mayor Dennis Elwell, Jersey City deputy mayor Leona Beldini, state legislator Daniel Van Pelt, officials in the state capital, and several Syrian-Jewish rabbis.

With regard to this, one of the top New Jersey FBI agents called Weysan Dun stated:

“The list of names and titles of those arrested today sounds like a roster for a community leaders meeting,”.

According to sources, the arrest of these officials was trapped by an FBI witness who laundered $3m via US branches, Israel, and Switzerl with payment of $650,000 bribes to the accused politicians.


Levy Izhak Rosenbaum was charged with conspiring to traffic human organs. According to officials, the accused promised the witness that he will sell a kidney to him for about $160,000 even though he bought it at $10,000 per their investigation.

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