Jody Kelly, Beloved Contestant from ‘The Amazing Race,’ Passes Away at 85


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Jody Kelly, a remarkable contestant from the reality TV show ‘The Amazing Race,’ has sadly passed away at the age of 85. Jody’s spirited participation in season 16 of the CBS series in 2010 made her a fan favorite and set a record as the oldest woman to ever compete on the show.


Jody teamed up with her granddaughter, Shannon Foster, for their adventure on ‘The Amazing Race.’ Although their journey on the show was relatively short, they left a lasting impact on viewers and inspired many with their determination and enthusiasm.

The news of Jody’s passing was confirmed by her daughter, Kelly Foster, who shared a heartfelt tribute on Facebook earlier this month. In her touching post, Kelly remembered her mother as a vibrant and joyful individual who radiated positivity and curiosity.

She wrote, “I lost my mother yesterday. Jody Kelly was 85 years old and so full of life, joy, and learning.” Kelly further described her mother’s love for exercise, thirst for knowledge, and her deep affection for her children and grandchildren.

Jody Kelly’s love for life was evident in her active lifestyle, her voracious reading habits, and her passion for meeting new people and embarking on adventures. She was a constant learner, always engaged with books, news, and documentaries, making her a fascinating conversationalist.


Kelly expressed the profound sense of loss she and her family felt at Jody’s passing, stating, “The world is now a poorer place, and it is still so hard to even realize that she is not in it.” She took solace in the belief that her mother had reunited with loved ones who had passed away before her.

In her heartfelt tribute, Kelly promised to carry forward her mother’s legacy, sharing the valuable life lessons Jody had instilled in her. She concluded with words that reflected her mother’s spirit: “Keep strong, Love deeply, Be happy, Stay open-minded, Learn always, Be active, Live bravely.”

Jody Kelly’s passing has left a void in the hearts of many, including fans of ‘The Amazing Race,’ who fondly remember her inspiring journey on the show. Despite her brief time on the series, she left a lasting impression with her determination and encouragement for people of all ages to embrace life fully.

Condolences poured in on social media, with friends and fans expressing their sympathy and sharing stories of the remarkable woman who touched their lives. Jody Kelly’s legacy will undoubtedly live on through the memories she created and the inspiration she provided to those who knew her.


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