Joe Mettle‘s Newly Wedded Wife Reportedly Has Secret Kids And Was Forced To Marry Due To Her Pregnancy

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After recently being engaged & married to the Ghanaian gospel astiste, there have been claims circulating that the marriage got initiated after the possibility of pregnancy by the wife, Selassie Dzisa.

This rumor seems to be backed by a claim made by an Instagram blogger named Aba The Great where it is alleged that the gospel musician, Joe Mettle was forcefully rushed into getting married to his wife when it seemed that the musician was not interested in her.


It is also alleged that, Selassie is known to have other secret kids and that as a result of the pregnancy, Joe Mettle was forced by some elders to get her married.

It is also rumored according to the blogger that the arrangement of the marriage was organized by the manager of the musician. has local correspondents across Nigeria and Ghana who are behind the incredible journalism our portal enjoys.