Joey Barton Agrees to Pay Jeremy Vine £75,000 Over Defamatory Posts Accusing BBC Presenter of Pedophilia


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Former footballer and coach Joey Barton has reached a settlement with BBC presenter Jeremy Vine, agreeing to pay £75,000 over defamatory social media posts.


Barton, 41, falsely accused Vine, 59, of having a ‘sexual interest in children’ in January this year. This led to Vine launching legal action against Barton, citing significant distress caused by the false claims.

In an online apology to his followers, Barton admitted to defamation and harassment, acknowledging that his accusations against Vine were entirely untrue.

He also clarified that previous posts suggesting Vine supported forced vaccinations during the Covid-19 pandemic were based on misleading information.

Barton’s derogatory remarks stemmed from a prior disagreement where Vine questioned Barton’s comments comparing female football pundits to notorious criminals.


Joe Barton and Jeremy Vine
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This disagreement escalated into what the court described as a ‘calculated and sustained attack’ by Barton on Vine via social media, where hashtags like ‘#bikenonce’ gained traction, reinforcing the false accusations.

The High Court ruled against Barton’s claims, affirming that his posts were defamatory.

Judge Mrs. Justice Steyn emphasized that the terms Barton used—’bike nonce’ and ‘pedo defender’—strongly implied Vine’s involvement in inappropriate activities, causing significant harm to Vine’s reputation.

As part of the settlement, Barton has pledged not to repeat these false allegations against Vine and expressed regret for the distress caused.

The settlement includes compensation for damages and legal costs incurred by Vine due to Barton’s defamatory statements.


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