Johannes Vermeer Paintings, Biography, Pronunciation, Facts, Self-Portraits, Famous Paintings

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Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch Baroque Period Painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life. He was a moderately successful provincial genre painter who was highly recognized in Delft and The Hague during his lifetime.

Johannes Vermeer | Credit: Famous Painters

Johannes Vermeer paintings

What are some of the paintings Johannes Vermeer made before the time of his death? Was Johannes Vermeer a good painter? Johannes Vermeer became very popular through his painting after his death.

See some of his paintings below:

Johannes Vermeer painting | Title: THE MILKMAID in 1658 | Credit: Artsy
Johannes Vermeer painting | Title: WOMAN HOLDING A BALANCE in 1663 | Credit: Art & Object
Johannes Vermeer painting | Title: GIRL READING A LETTER AT AN OPEN WINDOW in 1659 | Credit: CNN

Johannes Vermeer pronunciation

How is Johannes Vermeer pronounced? Johannes Vermeer is pronounced yow·ha·nuhs vuh·meeuh.


Johannes Vermeer facts

What are some facts about Johannes Vermeer? Johannes Vermeer’s life was quite amazing. There are some interesting facts about him. Some are;

  • He had no formal training, making him a self-taught painter.
  • There are only 36 authenticated paintings by Johannes Vermeer in the world.
  • In the late 1930s and early 1940s, there was a copycat artist of Johannes Vermeer who forged and sold works he marketed as newly discovered Vermeers.
  • Vermeer’s Love Letter was stolen from the Fine Arts Palace in Brussels in an ill-devised heist in 1971.

Johannes Vermeer self-portrait

Did Johannes Vermeer ever make a self-portrait? How does Johannes Vermeer’s self-portrait look like? Johannes Vermeer made a self-portrait, looking exactly like himself, sources report.

See photo below: 

Johannes Vermeer self-portrait | Credit: Pinterest

Johannes Vermeer famous paintings

What are some of Johannes Vermeer’s famous paintings? Johannes Vermeer was known for his numerous oil paintings, some of the popular ones include;

Johannes Vermeer painting | Title: GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING in 1665 | Credit: Britannica
Johannes Vermeer painting | Title: THE LACEMAKER in 1670 | Credit: The Guardian
Johannes Vermeer painting | Title: WOMAN WITH A WATER JUG in 1662 | Credit: CNN

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