John Turturro Brothers: Meet John Turturro’s Siblings Nicholas Turturro, Ralph Turturro


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John Michael Turturro is an American actor, director, producer and writer.


He is recognized for his contributions to the independent film movement.

Turturro has starred in over sixty feature films and has worked regularly with the Coen brothers, Adam Sandler, and Spike Lee.

He shot to fame with Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989) and the Coens’ Miller’s Crossing (1990) and Barton Fink (1991), for which he won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

John Turturro Brothers: Meet John Turturro’s Siblings Nicholas Turturro, Ralph Turturro

John Turturro has one brother, Nicholas Turturro, and a cousin Ralph Turturro.

Nicholas Turturro Jr.

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Nicholas Turturro Jr. is the second child of Katherine Florence, an amateur jazz singer and Nicholas Turturro Sr., US Navy serviceman. He was born on January 29, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Nicholas Turturro Jr. is an American actor. He is known for his roles in New York City-based films and on the television series Blue Bloods and NYPD Blue.

He has collaborated with director Spike Lee since the late 1980s, commencing with voice work for Do The Right Thing, and playing a supporting role in BlacKkKlansman.


Turturro Jr. also played Sgt. Anthony Renzulli on Blue Bloods from 2010 to 2016.

He received an Emmy Award nomination for playing James Martinez on the television series NYPD Blue and was on the series for its first seven seasons.

His elder brother is actor John Michael Turturro.

Turturro Jr. is a father of three and is currently married to Lissa Espinosa.

Ralph Turturro

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Ralph Turturro is the cousin of the famous actor John Turturro. Ralph is an art teacher and an accomplished abstract expressionist.

Born in 1957 to a typical Italian family and raised in Queens, Ralph Turturro cites his first childhood memory as pulling all of the detergents out from under the kitchen sink and making sculptured pies on the living room floor.

As a teenager, he ventured into stand-up comedy with his cousin, actor John Turturro.

Ralph earned his MFA at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions on both coasts.

He was selected as an Artist in residence at Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, and Ellis College in Ithaca, New York.

Ralph credits his Italian father’s work as an impressionist and performer with helping him develop a love for the arts at an early age.


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