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Jon Scheyer born Jonathan James Scheyer is a former professional basketball player and basketball coach from the United States. Jon Scheyer is currently acting as the head coach for the Duke Blue Devils of the Atlantic Coast Conference.


Jon Scheyer Contract

Details on Jon Scheyer’s contract with Duke Blue Devils are unknown. However, Jon Scheyer earns $9.7 million annually with his current.

Jon Scheyer Age

how old is Jon Scheyer? Jon Scheyer is 35 years old. Jon Scheyer was born on August 24, 1987, in Northbrook, Illinois, United States.


Jon Scheyer Height

how is Jon Scheyer? Jon Scheyer is 6 feet 5 inches tall. In metres, Jon Scheyer is 1.96 metres tall and in centimetres, Jon Scheyer is 196 centimetres tall.

Jon Scheyer House

There is no information about Jon Scheyer’s house.

Jon Scheyer Wedding

Details about Jon Scheyer’s wedding are unknown.  Jon Scheyer walked down the aisle with his beautiful wife, Marcelle Provencial on May 6, 2017, after being engaged in 2015.


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