Josey Trupp Accident

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Josey Trupp, a 28-year-old British woman, was 16 when her abusive ex-boyfriend attacked her and nearly killed her by throwing a concrete block at her.

“He was highly controlling and would black out in a rage and punch me in the face, ostensibly forgetting about it when he cooled down and being sad that he had wounded me.”

“A few days before the incident, he broke up with me because he ‘didn’t want to harm me any longer.'”


Image: Kennedy News and Media

“But then one day he showed up at my place and discovered me with a guy friend, thinking I was with him, so he told me to come outside or he’d carry me out,” Josey claims she tried to flee, but Moore began punching her until she passed out.

“I was face down on the floor with a concrete block on my back that he had dropped on me and broken my neck when I awoke.” Moore left his ex-girlfriend for dead after the horrible attack and then killed himself.

Josey has since recovered. She is currently married to Zack Lazarus, they have three children together.

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