Julian Assange Parents: Who Are Richard Assange And Christine Ann Hawkins?


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Richard Assange and Christine Ann Hawkins are the parents of Australian editor and publisher, Julian Assange. There is very little to no information about them aside from the fact that they birthed the WikiLeaks founder. It is also known that Christine Ann Assange, mother of Julian, is 71 years old.


Julian Assange is an Australian editor, publisher and activist who is the founder of WikiLeaks in 2006; the platform which came to light in 2010 after it published a series of leaks provided by the U.S. Army Intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

Julian Assange | Credit: The Council of Europe

Is there any movie about Julian Assange?

Julian Assange’s life has inspired several movies over the years. Some of them include;


  • The Fifth Estate (2013)
  • Citizenfour (2014)
  • We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (2013)
  • Kim Dotcom: Caught in the web (2017)
  • Risk (2016)

What did Julian Assange do?

Julian Assange reportedly played a role in the publication of secret American documents. He shared that allegations were a pretext for his extradition from Sweden to the United States. After he lost his battle against extradition to Sweden, “he breached bail and took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in June 2012,” sources report.


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