K-Solo Criticizes Women for Enabling ‘Yahoo’ and ‘Hook-Up’ Cultures


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Renowned music producer K-Solo has sparked controversy with recent comments linking the rise of cyber fraud and casual relationships in Nigeria to women.


Speaking in a recent interview with Arise TV, K-Solo pointed fingers at mothers, alleging they play a pivotal role in enabling these societal issues.

According to K-Solo, the normalization of hook-ups and internet fraud has become rampant, with individuals justifying these behaviors by comparing them to trends abroad.

He emphasized the need for clear guidelines and denounced the influence of celebrities who glamorize negative lifestyles, exacerbating the problem among youth.

His remarks have ignited a broader conversation about parental responsibility and the impact of celebrity culture on young people’s values.



K-Solo’s concern is that mothers, in particular, contribute to these challenges by not effectively guiding their children.

He recounted an incident where he confronted a mother sending her young daughter out in attire unsuitable for an office job, illustrating a disconnect between parental guidance and societal expectations.

Calling for a change in narrative, K-Solo urged mothers and female influencers to speak out against these vices.

He believes that if women take a stand against such behaviors and show young girls positive role models, significant societal changes can occur.

His statements serve as a call to action for a collective effort in reshaping cultural norms and promoting responsible behavior among Nigerian youth.


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