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Kamal Khan Cause Of Death Revealed

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NDTV’s Kamal Khan was a veteran and award-winning journalist known for his outstanding reportage of Uttar Pradesh politics and elegant language.

Kamal Khan died on Friday, Jan. 3, 2022 and was with NDTV for over three decades.

As a news anchor Kamal was the picture of poise and expertise, and his language was famous for its trademark elegance.

Kamal Khan was a wonderful and generous person who had only kind words and boundless time for anyone who met him.

image via: Daily News Catcher

Kamal Khan’s last report was on the high-profile exits of BJP MLAs ahead of the UP Assembly election.


Following Kamal Khan’s death, lots of people have written to say he was an immaculate journalist and masterful storyteller.

Fellow reporters said they relied on him for the news, and the political leaders his reportage covered and held to account.

Kamal Khan Cause Of Death Revealed

Kamal Khan died on Friday, Jan 13. 2022 and the cause of death is heart attack.

Kamal Khan will be remembered as a legendary reporter whose work stood out for its perceptiveness and integrity, and the way in which he delivered hard truths with poetic dexterity.

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