Kess BBNaija Biography & Housemate Profile | BBN Pictures, Age, State, Occupation, Full Name

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Kess is a businessman and a BBNaija season 7 housemate. He describes himself as a showstopping, jaw-dropping human being and takes pride in his talents.

Kess is stubborn and values himself, traits which others sometimes find annoying. Being in the Big Brother Naija house has always been his dream. He said, “Anybody who knows me, knows this about me. I watch the show and I have always envisioned myself on it”.

Kess BBN Pictures


Kess Age

Kess is 28 years old.


Kess State

The state Kess comes from is unknown.

Kess Occupation

Kess is a businessman.

Kess Full Name

Kess is Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu.

Kess BBNaija Profile

Full Name Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu
Stage Name Kess
Sex Male
Age 28
Occupation Businessman
Marital Status Married



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