Ketanji Brown Jackson Bio, Ideology, Family, Education, Judicial Philosophy,

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Ketanji Brown Jackson is an American jurist. She was nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States by President Biden today.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson was born on September 14, 1970, in Washington D.C. She was however raised in Miami Florida.

Ketanji Brown Jackson attended Harvard University where she earned her law qualifications. While at Harvard, she served as an editor on the Harvard Law Review.

Ketanji Brown Jackson began her legal career with three clerkships. One of them included one with U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice, Stephen Breyer.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Bio

Ketanji Brown Jackson was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Miami, Florida. Her birthdate is September 14, 1970.


Before her nomination to the Supreme Court was announced, Jackson was serving as a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Before that, she was a district judge on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first black woman to be nominated to the highest court of the United States.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Ideology

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a liberal.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Family

Ketanji Brown Jackson is married to surgeon Patrick G. Jackson. Her husband is a sixth-generation Harvard graduate.

The pair has two daughters. Ketanji Brown Jackson is also related by marriage to Paul Ryan.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Education

Ketanji Brown Jackson attended Miami Palmetto Senior High School.  After high school, She attended Harvard University, where she studied Government.

Jackson later attended Harvard Law School.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Judicial Philosophy

According to Politico, Jackson is popular with liberal legal activists looking to replace Breyer with a justice willing to engage in ideological combat with the court’s conservatives.

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